Scaffolding Early Learning (SEL) Curriculum

Scaffolding Early Learning (SEL) is a newer curriculum developed for the early childhood classroom (preschool & kindergarten). The SEL curriculum is influenced by theorist, and Vygotsky and his student Elkonin. Dramatic Play scenario development involves critical and careful planning on the teacher’s part.

Goal of the SEL curriculum:

  1. Increase executive function/self- regulation skills
  2. Increase language and literacy skills
  3. Increase mathematical skills

Why is self-regulation important?

  • Self-regulatory skills are fundamental for children school readiness and can have long-term negative effects on achievement. (Blair, 2002)
  • Preschoolers’ ability to delay gratification related to:

*self control, ability to deal with stress, frustration and temptation at   preschool.

*parent reports of attentiveness, concentration, planning, IQ, SAT scores   at ADOLESCENSE

*Goal setting and self-regulatory abilities at AGE 30+!

(Mischel, Shoada & Peake, 1988; Shoda, Mischel & Peake,    19990;   Ayduk, Mendoza-Denton, Mischel, Downey, Peaker & Rodriquez, 2000)

Core Executive Functions Targeted:

*Inhibitory control of actions and attention

-self-control or discipline

-selective or sustained attention

*Working memory

-holding information in mind & working with it

*Cognitive flexibility

-thinking “Outside the box”

Strategies and Games Implemented in the SEL Curriculum:

1.Buddy Reading

2.Freeze Game

3.Elkonin Jumping Game

4.Mystery Word

5.Question of the Day

6.Letter Relay

7.I have; Who has game

8.Graphic Practice

9.Linear Calendar

10.Message of the Day

11. Play Planning

12. Mature Play Centers


Understanding the SEL Curriculum: Presentations

  2. Scaffolding Early Learning – IMMATURE vs. MATURE PLAY
  3. Scaffolding Early Learning – PLAY PLANNING & MATURE PLAY CENTERS
  4. Scaffolding Early Learning – PLAY THEME DEVELOPMENT
  5. Scaffolding Early Learning – OVERVIEW
  6. Scaffolding Early Learning – STRATEGIES FOR IMPLEMENTATION



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