Buddy Reading

Buddy Reading:

Skills Practiced:

  • Expressive and receptive oral language skills
  • Literacy skills such as book handling, comprehension, print awareness
  • To “pretend” read, recall elements from the story
  • Conversing with peers
  • To engage in positive social interactions with peers

Materials Needed:

  • 4 tubes of books, each with 8-10 books, that are labeled with icons the children can interpret

                   -for example a tub with animals, spring, snow, or Eric Carle books.

  • Lips and ears mediator cards


  • Children are paired together and ‘read’ books to one another

              -Initially children label the pictures and later retell the story.

  • First, one reads and the other listens, then they switch roles.
  • They use mediator cards (lips and ears) to remind them of their role.
  • After they read, they discuss their books.

Introducing Buddy Reading:

  • Two teachers model
  • Looking at the books available
  • Choosing a book
  • Sitting with a partner so he/she can see the pictures
  • “Reading” if you have the lips
  • “Listening” if you have the ear
  • Asking your partner what he/she liked about the story
  • The partner answering
  • Switching roles
  • Putting the books away in the correct tub when the teacher says it’s time



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