Letter Relay

Letter Relay

Skills Practiced

  • Literacy concepts
  • Math concepts
  • Self-regulation
  • Following directions

Materials Needed:

  • Cards for children to identify (letters, numbers, shapes, rhyming, pictures…)


  • Children stand in line
  • One at a time each child states what is on the card
  • Teacher changes card each time a new child comes up
  • Once a child responds they go to the back of the line
  • Don’t wait for an answer, other children should help if the child is stuck

Order of Letter Frequency

  1. E
  2. A
  3. O
  4. T
  5. S
  6. R
  7. N
  8. I
  9. L
  10. H
  11. D
  12. G
  13. W
  14. M
  15. C
  16. U
  17. Y
  18. F
  19. P
  20. B
  21. K
  22. V
  23. X
  24. J
  25. Z
  26. Q

Printable Letters



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