Linear Calendar

Linear Calendar:

Skills Practiced:

  • Concept of time. (order or sequence of events, before/after, yesterday/today/tomorrow, “if yesterday was 5 today is?”)
  • Units of time (month, weeks, days of the week)
  • Counting skills (rote and meaningful counting, numeral recognition, how many days until, how many days since, more days until___ than ______)

Materials Needed:

  • Icons indicate home/school and special days
  • Each month calendar should be made on different color paper
  • Name of the month is written simply
  • Days on calendar should be x’ed out up until today (except on Mondays)
  • When there is no school on a weekday the icon still shows it as a school day but may be crossed or covered with a “no” sign


  • The pictures/days on the calendar fall into the same pattern (3 days home and 4 days at school)
  • The calendar is reviewed during large group
  • The teacher points and states each number; children clap while counting out loud to help them learn one to one correspondence.



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