Morning Message

Morning Message:

Skills Practiced:

  • They can make a plan and follow through.
  • That what you say can be written down.
  • Concepts of print
  • That a picture that helps them remember can be a simple one
  • Children learn that they can represent and remember what they want to say.

Materials Needed:

  • Large white board/ or large paper pad
  • Dry erase makers/ or markers (different colors)


  • The teacher starts by first drawing a picture of whatever the message is about, children are to predict what the message will be
  • The teacher then says the message out loud…”We are going to read a book!”
  • Then together say the message together and make lines for each word.
  • Next the teacher points to the blank lines while the teacher and the class says the message aloud.
  • The actual writing of the sentence comes next followed by a final pointing to each word and line

Step 1 – The teacher draws the picture and children guess what it is

Step 2- State the message, using a consistent stem (We are going to…)

Step 3- Children repeat the message

Step 4- Draw lines as you say each word

Step 5- Read the blank lines together

Step 6- Using a different color, write each word on a line as you say it

Step 7- Read the message pointing to each word together

Step 8- Have message up throughout the day for children to reread



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