Question of the Day

Question of the Day:

Skills Practiced:

  • How to make choices
  • Literacy skill (recognizing your name, concepts of print)
  • Oral language skills and concepts

Materials Needed:

  • Name cards
  • Daily question to answer


  • Children find their name card
  • Children identify the question
  • Children determine their answer and place their name in the appropriate response
  • During large group the teacher reviews the question, identifies the correct answer, and them examines math concepts such as “which answer has more names” or counting how many names are under each answer.

Ideas for Questions:

      Mathematical skills

  • Demonstrate understanding of one-to-one correspondence while counting (how many, which has more/ less)
  • Recognize simple patterns and duplicate or extend them
  • Create and duplicate patterns and shapes using a variety of materials
  • Classify objects and events based on self-selected criteria (which does not belong here)
  • Use equipment for investigation and data collection (which one is taller)

       Literacy skills

  • Letter recognition (does your name have a/an ___ in it)
  • Phonological awareness (does ___ and ___ rhyme)
  • Story recall (what did Goldilocks eat in the three bears house)



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